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Our story

My grandmother was fierce.

I believe she guided my mother to the group of women in her ancestral village who gave her a life-changing oil that would forever alter her granddaughter's life...

How did it all get started? I became natural by accident. For the longest time, I paid little attention to maintenance rules for my then permed-hair. Because of that “reckless” hair behavior, combined with my inability (probably motivated by an unconscious need to protect my health) to get to the hair salon, I ended up losing it all!

As I avidly read natural hair blogs after blogs and tried products after products, I struggled to establish a simple routine with products I could trust. That’s when my mother, an Ivory Coast-based pharmacist with 30 years of experience, gave me a mysterious oil to try. She had found out about it during a recent visit to her ancestral village and took some back to the capital city. That was the best thing I ever put on my hair. My usually coarse strands became cotton-soft overnight! It was a life-changing experience! I gave some of the oil to my friends who urged me to start marketing it. Adeba Nature was born!

Adeba means “beautiful woman” in Agni, the language of the people of the Sanwi Kingdom in West Africa. Every product in the Adeba collection pulls inspiration from the Sanwi Kings and Queens who still have so much to teach us and that is what we enable you to be, chic and classy, inside and out. 



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